Monday, May 15, 2017

Kat Von D Blotting Powder in Light Review

 Hi everyone! Today I wanted to review the new Kat Von D Blotting Powder. I have to admit. The packaging totally sucked me in. But other than that.. I'm a huge sucker for Kat Von D makeup just as a whole. The company itself is just awesome so without further ado, here is the Kat Von D Blotting Powder which retails for $29. There are four shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. I only have Light.

Butters helped model for me again!
The compact is so beautiful! It looks like a black, wax seal with the Kat Von D logo
 This compact comes with a very nice mirror that is pretty much the entire size of the compact, which I love! It's really handy for when you're on the go! It also comes with a thin sponge to keep within the compact.

I actually really liked this product. It did exactly what it was made to do which is to touch up makeup and help keep the face matte. It is not a foundation and it's not meant to be which explains why it has such sheer coverage. I bought this specifically for touch ups and to keep in my makeup bag when I'm on the go and not necessarily to set my foundation although I can use it for that as well.
The texture is beautiful and silky. It's so soft and applies evenly and smoothly on the skin using both a brush and the sponge it comes with.
The pan is also removable from the compact. On the bottom of the compact is a tiny hole in which you can poke a needle or a paper clip to push out the pan. It makes depotting so much easier if you do wish to depot it into a palette.
Since it is sheer, I think thats why there isn't that many shades to choose from. Being a sheer powder, helps the translucent powder blend into your skintone much more easily. I would however would like to see at least two more shades in the range, specifically some darker shades. 

-comes with mirror
-keeps face matte
-good for touch ups (sheer powder)
-cruelty free
-cute packaging!
-easier to depot

-would like to see a few more shades available (only four shades available)

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you guys have a fantastic week! :)
Wicked Honey Bee


  1. This sounds perfect for summer as it mattifies the skin without adding on too much.

  2. yes beauty nyx! I would still recommend using a blotting sheet to get rid of excess oil before applying this but I will say that this still works better at blotting than other powders much better even if you don't use a blotting sheet. Leaves it much less cakey :) Thank you for stopping by! <3

  3. Awesome review. You should share this page on your social media. I love your input and the pictures... Goodness. They are unbelievably beautiful! Keep it up Girly!!

    1. awww thank you so much janette! blogging and editing definitely takes up a lot of time and I'm very very back up on here :/ lol but thank you so much! love you tons! <3