Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sample Sunday... would I purchase it? Bite Beauty Multistick

Happy Sunday! Well very late Sunday but still nonetheless Sunday! :) I have been going through my makeup collection and I really want to and need to start putting my samples to good use. Samples are a great way to try something before purchasing or all together stop your impulse buy. This is just my own quick, first impressions on a product and to let you guys know if I am interested in actually buying a product.

And todays product is... Bite Beauty Multistick. I absolutely love Bite Beautys lip products. So is this on my next wish list? Keep reading to find out! :) 

At this point in time, I wouldn't purchase it. Simply because it isn't for me. This is a cream to powder finish. So since I personally prefer powders over liquid or cream products on the cheeks, it just doesn't suit my personal needs. And since it does have that that powder finish, it doesn't leave my lips how I like it. The lips definitely has a powdery almost dry feeling. This does have a satin finish and the texture of the sample in the plastic well is hard which doesn't surprise me since this is a face product as well. I wasn't expecting it to be too creamy. That being said the product was picked up very easily with both a finger and brush. It's also safe to say that this is very pigmented and very blendable.

I think this product is much more suitable for someone on the go or someone who prefers a smaller makeup collection.

Are you interested in or have bought the Bite Beauty Multistick?
Thank you for stopping by!
Wicked Honey Bee 


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