Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette Review

 Hello everyone! Happy Sunday :) Today I am back with a review featuring the Alchemist Palette. I have been soo freaking excited about this palette since... leaked images of it surfaced online almost two years ago. Kat has claimed to develop this all new formula to create iridescent powders to be used as eyeshadow toppers or highlighters. So how did it come out?

This palette is available on both  Sephoras website and Kat Von D Beauty website and retails for $32.
Left to right ( Green-Emerald, Ultra Violet- Amethyst, Blue-Sapphire, Pink-Opal)
Left to Right swatched over Kat Von D Shax ( Green-Emerald, Ultra Violet-Amethyst, Blue-Sapphire, Pink-Opal)
I cannot stress enough how disappointed I am in this product for a few good reasons. All the swatches above are all done using fingers and not brushes. I tried a flat synthetic brush, normal haired brushes and the pigments would barely show up. The best way to pick up color was to use a fluffy brush like one you would use for blending or simply use your fingers. So, packing on the color on the center of the lid with a brush was simple out of the question. I could not get the pigment to show up! I had to use my fingers to pack on the pigment. I understand that the shades are supposed to be translucent and iridescent but I would have liked the colors to pop out a little more without having to use my fingers.

That being said, since these powders were picked up well with a fluffy brush, these applied very well as a face highlighter and the pigment showed up remarkably much better than on the eye. All of the shades worked great for this purpose.

Overall, I was extremely let down because I really wanted to use this mainly on the lid and without having to use my fingers. I am also very underwhelmed with the size of the pans. For something that is advertised as both an eye and face palette, this is a very small amount especially when you compare it to the Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild palette which has bigger pans, more color selections thus also having a better price value which is $40. I do not own the Moonchild palette so I cannot comment on its quality but I would recommend you consider the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette before purchasing the Kat Von D palette.

I also prefer Sugarpills Loose Eyeshadow in the shade Lumi. Lumi is also an iridescent shadow which I personally found easier to work with even though it has more glitter particles in it.

The Alchemist palette an average palette and I will still definitely work with it but I am not as happy with it as I thought I was going to be.

-cute and unique packaging
-great concept.
-comes with a mirror

-not as pigmented as I would like them to be.
-not a good price value of $32 for 4 x0.05oz of product
-marketed as a face palette yet the shadows are standard eyeshadow sizes
-eyeshadows work best used with a fluffy brush or fingers

I hope you guys have a lovely sunday and an even lovelier rest of the week :)
Thank you for stopping by:)

Wicked Honey Bee


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