Friday, September 23, 2016

Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! :)  I am back with another review and to be honest I think the next couple of posts will be reviews because there is A LOT of new things coming out and although I feel I haven't been going too crazy with makeup holiday shopping this year, I did get some stuff that I really liked and wanted.

So, this is one of Tartes 2016 holiday items and I have been eyeing this since I first heard of it. I don't need anymore blushes but this was too beautiful to pass up. It retails for $44 and comes with 0.084 oz x 10.


Full Size Tarte Blush: 0.20 oz
Tarte Amazonian Clay Palette : 0.084 oz (each pan/ ten pans total)
Tarte Deluxe/Travel size Blush: 0.05 oz

So, the pans in the Amazonian Clay Blush Color Wheel Palette actually have more than the travel sized Tarte pans although it's pretty hard to tell just by looking at it.
 MOD: warm, nude-peach
DECO: warm pink coral
SURREAL: light cool toned baby pink
CULTURE: warm bronze rose with gold shimmer
IDOL: warm, light gold with shimmer finish
CONCEPT: warm, midtone nude blush
ICON: neutral mauve
MONTAGE: neutral rose
IRONIC: medium-dark rose with plum tones ( would have liked to see more pigment, looked too similar to MONTAGE)
CRAFTY: cool toned, champagne with a shimmer and microglitter finish (love this one!)

Overall, I really like the color selection except for Ironic. I expected for it have more pigment and be a little more plum. I also felt that ICON, MONTAGE and IRONIC could have had a little more distinction between them. They are too similar when you compare them to the upper half of the blush palette which don't appear similar at all when compared to each other. I really liked the formula on these blushes. There wasn't as much kickup as I have experienced in past holiday blush palettes. I really, really love how this palette was organized. I felt that the upper half had more summer and spring colors while the lower half had more fall and winter colors. CRAFTY is sooo beautiful by the way! I am really glad they chose some highlights into the palettes this year! :)


Tarte makes some beautiful blush palettes for the holidays. Their holiday blush palettes are always something to look forward to. This year was a little different than the last couple of previous years. Previously, Tarte would release a 5 pan blush palette, each pan with 0.158 oz each. This year, Tarte released a 10 pan blush palette, each pan with 0.084 oz each. So there is less in each blush than previous years but you still get more blush total. Some pros of this years palette is that there is more variety of blushes ( 8 blushes), more total amount of product and two highlighters. Some cons is that there is no mirror and the shape of the new 10 pan blush palette can be difficult for storage although it is still compact.

I like this years palette better just because there is more variety and more product. I can live without another mirror. I, personally, don't see myself taking this traveling because I don't see myself using this many different blushes on a trip lol

-great gift for holidays
-great variety
-better price value than previous years
-two highlights
-palette is labeled with blush names

-shape of palette is difficult to store
-no mirror
-limited edition
-some similar shades within palette

Will you picking up this palette? Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend! :)
Happy Friday,
Wicked Honey Bee


  1. I have never tried any of the Tarte blushers before but I love the look of this palette. Surreal and Culture look so pretty and the highlighters seem like they would be right up my street too :) x

  2. That's ten gorgeous shades in a palette.. looks amazing.

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