Sunday, August 14, 2016

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask Collection // 1 Week Review

Hey loves :) For those regular readers, you may or may not know how stressed I have been... but yes, I have been super stressed out balancing school, work and my health. I have desperately been looking for ways to relax as my skin has also been on a rampage with my high stress and anxiety levels. I have been really neglecting skin care and I really need to start taking care more of my skin.

I came across this really, really cute and great set on Sephora. I was actually browsing HSN and I saw them advertising this and I decided to cross check on Sephora their prices and I saw that Sephora had this set of 5 different deluxe sizes for the price of 1 full size.

A full sized, full price Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask comes with 1.7 oz for $48.
THIS particular set comes with 5 x 0.5 oz ( a total of 2.5 oz ) for the same price of $48. I had to jump on this set!
Cucumber Aloe
 Cucumber Aloe, use when you crave:
Sweet Citrus

Sweet Citrus, use when you crave:

 Sweet Basil Mint, use when you crave:
Vanilla Apricot
 Vanilla Apricot, when you crave:
Lavender Citrus
 Lavender Citrus, use when you crave:

 First and foremost, these all performed the same as each other. The only difference between them is their scent. The purpose of having different colors or different scents is to provide aromatherapy which I really enjoyed! The names of the products are self explanatory such as Cucumber Aloe smells like cucumber and so on. My least favorite would have to be the Lavender Citrus only because I personally don't like lavender too much. My favorite one, hands down, is the Vanilla Apricot. It smells so yummy and comforting! It truly is so relaxing and my kind of scent. If you are into "warm", apricot or "vanilla-y" scents, you would LOVE this one. In that aspect, I really love that Josie Maran kept the same formula for all of these but changed the scents to provide aromatherapy for specific needs or for your own personal scent preferences regardless of therapeutic needs.

The first benefit I noticed was the moisturizing effect it had on my skin. I really noticed that on the second day. Throughout the week I started noticing how buttery my skin started feeling and I freaking love it! The texture of my skin significantly improved to a smooth, buttery and soft texture. I still have acne and I still have tiny, small acne bumps but I am glad to say that these mud masks did not irritate my skin whatsoever. I noticed my skin felt plumper for sure but not so much more in firmer. Maybe a little firmer but not too much. I feel like there are other products out there that firm the skin much better than these masks.

My pores have stayed the same as well. I have very noticeable pores on my nose and unfortunately I did not see an improvement with my pores. I'll be sticking to using a toner.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that as I washed it off my face, I noticed how incredibly soft my hands felt! I don't remember the last time my hands felt that soft but wow! So I thought that was cool that no only do these soften your face when you apply them as masks but also your hands when you wash the mask off.

These are NOT clay masks. These do dry down considerably but do not dry down and crack like clay face masks. These mud masks feel very comfortable on the skin and also have a very slight refreshing feeling to them.
  • These mud masks are a definite MUST if you want to moisturize your skin with the benefits of argan oil and improve the texture of skin dramatically.
  • These mud masks did make a SLIGHT difference on firmness and plumpness
  • I DID NOT notice any improvement on my pores size or reduction of acne.
-better value than the original full sized jar
- 5 different options for aromatherapy
-moisturizes skin
-softens texture and appearance of skin
-does not leave skin oily
-slightly plumped and firmed my skin
-softens hands as you wash off product from face
-great for all skin types
-helped even out dry patches and oily areas of face

-did not improve pores
-did not improve acne

Overall, these are a DREAM for those who are suffering from rough textured and/or dry skin as well as if you are into aromatherapy.

Thank you for stopping by :) Have a great week<3
Wicked Honey Bee

Monday, August 1, 2016

Happiness is...

Whenever we find ourselves a bit lost in our hectic schedules, troubled relationships, financial priorities or even in our own insecurities as human beings it's always important to take it down a level and understand that happiness isn't always found in the way society tells us happiness should be found. Happiness can be found in little moments that we simply don't have time to appreciate anymore.

As someone who suffers from anxiety on a daily basis as well as major bouts of depression getting back to the basics of what happiness can mean is extremely essential for a better quality of life as well as a coping mechanism. It's not about how much money you spend to be happy. It's about taking in what is around you and what you make of it.

Here are some examples of everyday things that can bring us peace and comfort. :)


Happiness is... 

  1. Sleeping in your bed with freshly cleaned sheets and pillowcases.
  2. Seeing dewdrops on plants and flowers.
  3. Listening to a song that can make you dance as you clean your home. (or blast some metal when I'm home alone which always puts me in a good mood)
  4. Washing your face or taking a shower after a long day.
  5. Staying in on a Saturday night with a significant other to watch your favorite tv episodes and eat your favorite pizza.
  6. Being yourself.
  7.  Reading a good book you simply cannot put down. (yes, that would be Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the photo above which I finished at 2 am the night it was released. No shame. None at all.)
  8. Watching an extra amazing sunset with shades of magenta, peach and violet.
  9. Laying underneath the stars at night and marveling at the fact that you exist.
  10. Drinking cold water on a hot day
  11. Complimenting others.
  12.  Having a really good yawn and stretch.
  13. Learning something new ( Trivia: Did you know that Saturn has over 60 moons?!)
  14. Praying, meditating or focusing on good energy/vibes.
  15. Eating your favorite healthy snack.
  16. Writing a handwritten letter to someone and sending it.
  17. Laughing at your mistakes. ( kind of like how I smashed my finger today at work and hit myself in my ear HARD with a box. Still not entirely sure how that happened.)
  18. Telling someone that you love them knowing that you mean it.
  19. Being part of some sort community where other people love the same things you love ( hey beauty community! Looking at you! :) It can be anything from comic-con to disney fanatics, gamer stuff, book clubs, zumba/fitness life, car shows, etc. I've even heard of bird watching clubs. Whatever community it is, you do you!
  20. Putting on your favorite perfume.... before going to sleep. (<--This is a good one, trust me)
Sometimes we need to just forget about how facebook, instagram, our relatives and society as a whole is trying to tell us how to be happy when happiness is already within our reach. When we are stressed or depressed it becomes increasingly difficult to see the little things that we truly do enjoy even though we may not fully appreciate it at that time but it's always good to remember that no matter how bleak things get and how much we become overwhelmed with our emotions, happiness will always be within our reach... no matter how big... or how small. :)

Thank you so much for reading! I hoped this helped some of you out in some way. I know thinking about and writing my own list of what Happiness Is for me raised my serotonin levels. :) I would love to know about the little things that brings you happiness.

Have a great rest of the week! <3
Wicked Honey Bee