Monday, May 9, 2016

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Review + Swatches

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all have been doing great (well, at least okay for a Monday). I finally had some free time today and I thought I would review a little something that I have been personally loving lately.

The Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette retails for $55 and is limited edition. It comes with 15 full sized eyeshadows. Some shadows are exclusive, some are permanent and some are from older limited edition palettes. Each eyeshadow comes with 0.05oz.

Protest, Junkie, Deep End, Madness, Evidence, Prank, Omen, Flashback, Voodoo, Flatline, Bordello, Backlash, Daybreak, Burn, West
1. Protest- emerald green with gold shimmer
2. Junkie- true blue-green with multi dimensional shimmer and small glitter particles. My fave from the bunch!
3. Deep End- Aqua pool blue with shimmer finish
4. Madness-  midtone cerulean blue with shimmer finish
5. Evidence- Shimmery dark royal blue with black base
6. Prank- Deep, dark navy blue with floating blue shimmer
7. Omen- Sheer purple and pink duochrome
8. Flashback- Magenta with blue reflex
9.Voodoo- Dark eggplant with lilac shimmer and black base
10. Flatline- Shimmery beige with strong pink tones
11. Bordello- Blush pink with mauve undertones and shimmer finish
12. Backlash- Hot pink with shimmer finish
13. Daybreak- a soft rose gold with silver sparkle
14. Burn- Warm midtone brown with silver sparkle
15. West- Dark cool toned with some very settled plum undertones and a settled sheen.

So first of all, I love Urban Decay but I have been talking some smack on them with their last three previous palettes that I bought from them being their Naked Smokey, Vice LTD palette and Gwen Palette. Two of those had not so great (Smokey) to down right bad(Vice LTD) pigmentation and the other had nice (Gwen) pigmentation but was too basic for my own personal taste. All I can say with this palette is that my faith has been restored in Urban Decay's Palettes again. The pigmentation, the quality, the formula and the texture is ON POINT in this palette. Every single eyeshadow has that Urban Decay quality that I know and love while maintaining the awesome value that it is by coming in a palette. Assuming I did my math right, I basically paid $3.67 for each full sized eyeshadow.... O.o and really good quality UD shadows in fact! If you love jewel tones and shimmers this is the palette for you. I cannot get enough of the color selection and most importantly that Urban Decay formula. Personally, this is not a travel palette based on packaging, color selection and limited shadow finishes. There are no true mattes in this palette.

On a personal note, I am never one to use just ONE palette to create an eyelook. The only palette I can create an entire eyelook using just the shadows in the palette and be happy with the eyelook is the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette ( which is ammaaaazzzzing by the way if you like a dark, warm, neutral eye). Other than that ONE palette, I always use multiple palettes or singles to create eyelooks. That being said, I don't mind that this doesn't have a "transition", a black shadow or any other basic shadows needed to create a flawless eyelook as I always end up using some single or other palette to bring the whole eyelook together:) I use this palette the same way I would use the Urban Decay Electric palette (another great palette by the way), by using just one or two shades and then using some other shadow(s) that are not in that palette.
The packaging is beautiful and I have been using that mirror nonstop whenever I do my makeup. It's huge and lightweight at the same time. The eyeshadows can be removed from the box. The mirror or the top of the palette makes this palette not very safe for travel as it does not close snugly.

This is such a good deal. I have no problem with any of the shades. There are different finishes but no duds!

-soft, pigmented shadows
- 15 full sized eyeshadows
-very large mirror, perfect for the entire face
-great value, each shadow is roughly $3-$4 (regular retail price for full sized UD shadow is $18)

-Very beautiful packaging! Love the cutout design around the mirror as well as the UD gem logo
-Jewel tones

-Does not snap or lock closed/top will fall very easily if not careful/not travel friendly
-limited edition

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! :)
Wicked Honey Bee <3


  1. I'm not sure I would use most of the shades in this palette as I'm not good at experiementing with my eyeshadow and tend to stick to more neutral shades. You can't deny it is a very pretty palette though and I'm sure you will create some lovely looks with it :) x

    1. Thank you Beauty Box! :D I apologize for the late response. This is definitely a palette for a certain style of eyelook and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to make a good eyelook out of it! But these would look gorgeous as just a small pop of color on anyone:) Thank you for stopping by BB! Have a great weekend! <3