Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Face Palette Review + Swatches

Welcome back everyone! :) I am sooooo excited! So, a little story on how exactly I obtained this palette. My phones wifi has been a little messed up lately and so I was kind of bummed out knowing that I was going to be at work with no wifi. Lucky little me, the collection launched at EXACTLY when my first break at work started and one of my coworkers was sweet enough to let me borrow her phone so I could place my order with Sephora during my break ( yeah, I can be a little enthusiastic about makeup). If she hadn't let me used her phone, I would not have been able to get my hands on this, so a big shoutout to Gisell! Thanks girl! <3

Love or hate Jaclyn Hill, it doesn't really matter because the girl is doing so much to better herself and spread her joy and passion of makeup. I personally love her and have a lot of respect for her as both a woman and a makeup artist. I remember subscribing to her a couple years back when she came out with a MAC STARTER KIT video and right off the bat, I found her so helpful and informative that it just really made me want to learn more from her. Learned from her I did! Anyways, I just want to say congratulations Jaclyn! You have come so far and I know you will get even further with that passion of yours and hard work!
I was really excited to get this and I was lucky enough to do so. This was the one item I wanted to get my hands on. The packaging is so beautiful!

This palette is limited edition, retails for $52 and comes with three blushes and two highlighters. This is exclusive to Sephora and comes with a total amount of product of 0.72 oz.
-ROSE SPRITZ: (blush)- midtone neutral pink with loads of gold shimmer
-AMARETTO: (blush/bronzer)- Warm, midtone satin caramel with rose undertones
-PAMPLEMOUSSE: (blush)- deep, satin coral that leans pink/ grapefruit pink
-CHAMPAGNE POP: (highlighter)- a neutral, champagne with peach undertones
-PROSECCO POP (highlighter)- soft, warm yellow gold

I did want to compare the other two Becca highlighters that I own
I did notice a difference in texture of the highlighters in the palette to the single highlighters I already own. Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop felt slightly more dry especially when I compared them to my Opal and Moonstone. One thing you should know right off the bat of Becca's highlighters is that although they are powders, the texture they have is phenomenally smooth and creamy which really gives them a buttery feel. Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop lacked that buttery texture.They were still soft however, and applied well onto skin.

Overall, this is such a great palette. I am really glad I was able to get this palette. The blushes are really, really good and super pigmented! I have heard some people say they can use Amaretto as a bronzer color which I would definitely agree that on some skin tones, it would work as a great warm toned bronzer. On me personally, (maybe because I am a warm very light toned?) the red/warmth in Amaretto really shows up when I applied to my skin and it looks more like a blush than a bronzer. Nonetheless, it is a very universally neutral friendly blush. I love the highlighters. I felt Champagne Pop was borderline a good shade for my skintone ( Estee Lauder Bone foundation) without looking too dark. I find Opal is too dark and Moonstone is a great highlighter for me for reference. I can use Champagne Pop for other facial areas such as the Cupids Bow and around the eyes. I personally preferred Prosecco Pop for my skin tone. It's sooooo gorgeous! Is it the most original shade of highlighter? No. But the shimmer is just perfect and great for many warm toned skintones :) The application of all the powders was blendable and very pigmented

It also comes with a really good face mirror that is great for traveling. Speaking of traveling, I love how sturdy this palette feels. It just feels really compact. :) One thing that I was like, "Really?", was the little plastic film with the names of the products. I looked at it, thought it was so cute and threw it away. I never keep those but thankfully the names of the blushes and highlighters are on the back of the palette. I do wish they had printed the names inside of the palette rather than on the back but I'm okay with the names on the palette somewhere so it's okay! :)

This will launch in stores June 16 :)

-awesome value
-collectors item
-very sturdy packaging
-great mirror
-travel friendly
-very pigmented powders
-good quality powders
-good variety and universally friendly
-cruelty free

-Limited edition (currently sold out)
-slight formula difference between highlighters in palette and single highlighters
-No names inside of palette ( However, there are names on back of palette)

Thank you so much for stopping! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and let me know if this face palette is something you have been wanting or if you were able to pick it up and if you are liking it or not. Any questions, comments or concerns please contact me :)

Getting my highlight on fleek,
Wicked Honey Bee


  1. I have the Becca highligter in Moonstone and absolutely love it so I think this palette would be right up my street. I love the look of the shades but I think Champagne Pop would be a favourite of mine from looking at your swatches :) x

    1. Luckily, Champagne Pop is permanent:) I have really been gravitating towards Prosecco Pop and it's really contending with my all time favorite MACs Mineralize SkinFinish in Perfect Topping! :) have a great week BB and thank you for stopping by! <3