Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Essential: Pretty as a Peach

Hi everyone! So today I come back with this Bath and Body works pick up. I had one of those coupons where I get either a shower gel or lotion for free so I saw this peach shower gel and had to pick up its counterpart as well, the fragrance mist.

If you guys know anything about Bath and Body Works you would know that they are constantly recycling their scents as the seasons change. Spring is in season and so that means Peach is in too!

The scent is pretty self explanatory. It smells delicious and sweet like peaches! :) I will be the first to admit, the feminine packaging totally drew me in (good job Bath and Body works design/artwork team!). I do, however, love the scent of peaches. ( I used to have a kindergarden baby that smelled like peaches when I was a little girl that I loved dearly. Do you guys remember those dolls from the 90's?) I was actually pretty impressed with the lasting power on this. Usually body sprays last at the most 3 hours and this lasted a good 5 hours, almost twice the long than the average body spray.

What scents have you been sporting lately?
Have a sweeeet day! ;)
-Wicked Honey Bee


  1. I really wish we had a Bath and Body Works here in the UK and I went slightly mad in there when I was in New York last year. I love the sound of this scent and it's great that the body spray lasts longer on the skin than a lot of others. x

    1. Aww, I'm sorry Beauty Box they don't have a bath and body works with you:/ Come to New York again so you can do some retail damage at bath and body works and Sephora :D Hopefully you can find a substitute for this body spray. Anything that smells like actual peaches will do! :)