Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Fashion Find

Welcome back everyone! I am sooo happy it's finally Friday. This week has felt extra long for me and I am just thankful it's payday and weekend fun time. (Who's going to go watch The Jungle Book?) 

Update: As I try to figure out more and more about the identity I want my blog to have, I realize that as much as I love makeup, I don't want to just talk about makeup. I want to talk on a more general basis of beauty which includes fashion, lifestyle and art. I find all those things... beautiful. So I hope you continue to enjoy my humble little blog as much as I enjoy blogging for you! :)

So enough of that! Today's Fashion Find is the cutest little purse. Ever. As soon as I saw it, my own heart leapt with joy. Those who know me personally know that this gets me going. I love anything that has spikes and rhinestones. In fact, I am almost certain that my own beating heart looks like this. That's how I know how much this was meant for me. I picked this up from Amazons website from a brand called Cupcake Cult.
It's a hard cased, black, plastic shell in the shape of a heart with two sized spikes. It has a chrome skull which is encrusted with rhinestones. The chain strap is also chrome as well as detachable.
As you can see, it's really small. Its suitable to carry credit cards, cash, coins, a lipstick or two, pads/tampons, (maybe) a phone, keys, etc. Basically just the basics. I do wish it was a tad bit bigger though because I can't even fit my phone in there when it's in it's case. It's still really cute and one reason I was on the hunt for a small crossbody purse was because I wanted to downsize what I carry around in a purse. As many women do... I am guilty of over-stuffing my bag with unnecessary stuff to the point where my back has been hurting. This crossbody/clutch really takes care of prioritizing what I really need to take with me for small specific errands or destinations. Keys, dollars, ID and I am out the door.

P.S. For those of you wondering if those spikes hurt, trust me, they do!

Would you wear this? Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I think I would do some damage with those spikes! haha. It's a lovely purse but like you say, I think it would need to be just a tad bigger for me x

    1. Or do some damage to those around you! I have had two children so far run into it already! And I agree, I wish it was at least as big as a childrens lunchbox. But it's okay! A clutch is a clutch and it's too darn cute to pass! Thank you for stopping by Beauty Box <3

  2. If I wore purses I would totally get something like that.

    1. You could totally rock this girl! :) I'm getting some ideas... cuz I know ebay has some spikes and rhinestones that you can get and now I just kind of want to bedazzle some stuff with spikes and rhinestones. You should look into it:) It's pretty easy to spike some stuff up:D <333