Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Calling for Chroma: Life begun

Do you ever just look at something and just think, "Gosh, I love those colors?" Color scheme is life. It's so fun for me personally to look at colors and think, "Yes, this goes with this or no those colors don't work well together." It's something really important if you want to understand makeup even more. I actually follow a kick ass page on facebook called Design Seeds. They are constantly posting some really cool color schemes that provide color inspiration whether it be your outfit, your room colors, your makeup, scrapbooking, etc., and it in turn inspired me to start this little series of A Calling for Chroma. I really hope you enjoy my series of color schemes and I really encourage you all to find color inspiration from anything and everything! :) Have fun with it!

#f6edcf, #738527, #edd793, #7e6c45, #33440f
Have a safe and happy week,
Wicked Honey Bee

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