Friday, January 8, 2016

Stress in, Stress out

Welcome back my Wicked Honey Bees! So I am currently a little busy at work with a 6 to 6 shift and working 6 days a week. It truly is the mark of the devil! Lol but hey, putting all jokes aside, more work means more money! So it works out in the end. However, more work also means more stress. I have some very simple ways I like to relax after a long day at work and I thought I would like to share with you!
  •  TAKING A SHOWER- Simple enough. Nothing beats a good hot shower. Apart from good hygiene reasons, I love using bath and body works and the body shop products resulting in some good aromatherapy. Cashmere Glow and Honeymania are my faves, respectfully. 
  • PLAYING WITH MAKEUP- I love to experiment with new color combinations and sometimes I just want to wear makeup that I love around the house! Practice makes perfect!
  • READING- Books are some of this worlds greatest treasures. They have the ability to transport the reader to a whole different dimension.
  •  LISTENING TO CREEPYPASTAS- I like to read, thats true but I also enjoy the art of storytelling. Two of the creepypasta storytellers that I listen to regularly is CreepsMcPasta and MadameMacabre. Both are found on youtube and both are awesome!
  • LISTENING TO THUNDERSTORMS- When you live in a drought, it's kind of hard for rain to come by. Thank goodness for the internet! There are many videos on youtube of thunderstorms/rainstorms featuring hours of mother natures lullaby. 
  •  EATING CHOCOLATE - cliche but true. A serving of chocolate does wonders for me! I LOVE chocolate! I'm like that crazed fish in the SpongeBob Squarepants episode where Spongebob and Patrick try out their luck at being entrepenurs selling chocolate. "CHOCOLLLLLLAAAAAAAATTTTTEEE!"
  • STARGAZING- Nothing puts things into perspective like looking into the night sky filled with stars. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to look up into the vast and endless night sky but it reminds me just how little I really am and that my issues, problems and worries are just as little as me.
  • MOVIE NIGHT- I love the cold weather for many reasons and one reason is because that means I can comfortably bundle up in a warm blanket, grab some hot popcorn and watch some movies at home. So comfy!!
 So there you have it! These are my top picks for ways to relax. These work for me and I would love to hear what are some ways you like to de-stress from your day! Happy Friday!

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