Monday, December 14, 2015

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Whoo! It's almoooossstttt Christmas and I'm excited! I am almost done with my christmas shopping and let's be real, I get such a kick out of shopping for other people BUT not at last minute which reminds me I still need to get my Dad something. Damn it! Of course, all this shopping makes me want to shop for myself and so I have. I saw this literally everywhere and I had to admit, when I first heard Gwen came out with a palette with UD I was super excited. I thought it was going to be bright, beautiful colors. So you can kind of imagine my disappointment when I saw the color selection and I have to say I was talking some smack on it. When I finally got around to seeing and hearing some reviews on how well it performed, I thought hey, maybe I was being a little harsh? Maybe it is a good palette after all?

This palette retails for $58. It comes with 15 eyeshadows, 12 which are brand spanking new. Each eyeshadow comes with .04 oz which is slightly smaller than the standard eyeshadow.

BLONDE: off white, cream with slight pink shift.
BATHWATER: warm, butter cream with soft shimmer
SKIMP: light peach satin finish
STEADY: shimmery apricot
PUNK: warm matte, medium brown

BABY: shimmery champagne pink
ANAHEIM: cool toned transition shade
STARK: light flesh toned peach
ZONE: Medium neutral matte brown
SERIOUS: dark charcoal with floating pink shimmer

POP: cool toned champagne with shimmer and silver glitter. Too chunky.
HARAJUKU : sheer bubblegum pink. This was too sheer even when I tried to apply it using MAC Fix Plus. I actually had to use my finger to get the best pigment.
DANGER: deep royal blue with blue shimmer
1987: yellow gold with shimmer finish
BLACKOUT: matte black

Overall, I do believe that I bought into the hype, not because it is a bad palette. The quality is actually really good except for two eyeshadows which was Pop and Harajuku but because this palette just really isn't my style. It's a good palette but with boring results. Yeah I said it. It was boring for me. I don't feel inspired by it. I'm not excited by it as a whole. There are some beautiful and essential shades but as a palette, some colors feel repetitive while still making that pink and blue shadow feel completely out of place. I get WHY these colors were chosen. These colors were handpicked by Gwen and is in fact, inspired by the eye makeup she wears. I have been reaching for it but to use individual shades and not to make a whole eye look. I would still certainly recommend it to those neutral, natural or smokey eye addicts because the quality of the shadow is beautiful. Smooth, creamy and pigmented minus two shades which still passes in my book. Not bad at all. I think the overall quality is much better than the Smokey palette so it's nice to see that Urban Decay has gone back to the good quality that I know their eyeshadows can be.
One thing that kept throwing me off was where the names of the eyeshadows are. It's located on the top of the eyeshadow rather than underneath it so I have found myself reading the wrong name lol my mistake.

-overall quality is smooth, creamy and pigmented
- classy packaging
-full sized mirror
- essential shades
-good for neutral, natural and smokey eye looks

-repetitive shades
-2 shades, POP and HARAJUKU were not consistent in quality as the rest of the shadows were

Let me know what you thought of the Gwen Stefani palette. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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