Monday, November 30, 2015

Why you should leave paper books behind and move forward with e-book tablets

As a certified bookworm and a firm believer that books are the way of the future, sometimes I end up eating my own words. I always grew up reading everything and anything including cereal boxes as reading books at the table was forbidden by my parents. I grew up enjoying the very feel of books so when I heard that Kindles and reading tablets were launching I straight out thought oh boy, what a waste. I swear people are trying to create technology out of everything! day where it finally hit me.

The last book I purchased was the complete collection of H.P. Lovecraft. The book.... is a heavy and bulky piece of artwork. I was at a doctors office and I had so desperately wanted to continue reading through some stories but I also wanted the option to read a book called Rasputins Daughter which isn't so bulky but it still is an average book.
Can I just say how pissed off my arm and purse were at me? It was so uncomfortable carrying both books (especially that H.P Lovecraft hardcover book!) that I almost regretted bringing books along with me.
And on top of that, when I finally went home after that appointment to put my books back I realized how much space my books take up! It's become an inconvenience for me to have a moderate sized book collection.

As soon as I received my Kindle, I felt so much less limited with space and books! Regardless of how many pages the books I get on Kindle have, the weight or size of my Kindle never changes. This is a huge plus since I am one of those girls that enjoys carrying her house around in her purse for no apparent reason. I carry my wallet, makeup bag, pads/tampons cough drops, hand cream, water, protein shakes, receipts, keys, sometimes food to name a few things and of course reading material. The last complete collections/work that I purchased was Lemony's Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events. Try carrying all thirteen books at once in your purse! So it's great that I have the option of essentially carrying as many books as I want.

Another thing I enjoy about my Kindle is I am able to get free books at reduced prices for all my books and reading material and while we are speaking of reading material, may I add that you are also able to read newspapers and magazines on your tablet of your choice? It's awesome.

I would say the only downside that I know with the Kindle is that it must be disposed of properly due to the ink it contains. If you wanted to throw it away, Best Buy has some recycling bins for electronics.

-less space
-paper friendly
-free books
-reduced price in books
-immediate downloads
-must be disposed properly and not simply thrown away due to the ink (Kindle)

Sometimes, technology isn't so bad after all.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

In the pursuit of something else, Lancer The Method Polish

Sephora weekly specials, deals and samples can be both a blessing or a curse. Sure we get cool stuff for free, but have you ever noticed they always have some really cool stuff? Stuff that makes you want to actually have to buy the full size? Hence, my dilemma. I got a sweet deluxe size of the Lancer The Method Polish and Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! It worked beautifully!

On a weekly basis I feel that my skin has a build up of dead skin and it ends up feeling pretty dry and rough. This interferes with my makeup application especially on my T-zone and everyone knows that half of the battle of flawless makeup application is skincare. Lancer's The Method Polish is a wonderful finely milled skin scrub that works well on sensitive skin. It didn't leave my skin either dry or oily.

This has a hefty price tag of $75. It's not that I am cheap. It's that I am human and I have priorities that need to be paid and even if I was a millionaire, I would still understand the value of money and $75 for essentially a face scrub is not worth it to me so I refuse to purchase it. I did however, really enjoy it and so I went on a blind adventurous quest for a good face scrub. I settled on two different ones from different brands Pacifica and Botanics.

I will update you guys on how they compare and which one is a keeper!

Know any good face scrubs? :) Let me know which one is your favorite!:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ciate London Kiss Collective: Three piece Liquid Velvet

Hey my beautiful peeps! Hope you all have been doing well. I do want to apologize for being MIA. I've had a pretty crazy week but I am back and I am finally on my Thanksgiving weekend holiday! :) And I have officially started my holiday shopping since Monday. I  got such a good deal on The Body shop with their black friday tote plus some holiday sets plus $25 off $75. Hell to the yes!

Speaking of holiday sets, this here is Ciates London Liquid Velvet three piece set featuring three deluxe liquid velvets in the shades Diva, Pin Up and Swoon. Each container consists of 0.067 oz. This set is an exclusive to Sephora and retails for $22 and has a value of $33. This is limited edition.
Diva, Pin Up, Swoon
Diva- True, clean bright red with blue undertones
Pin Up- Deep mauve with berry tones (exclusive to the set)
Swoon- peach nude

Overall, I really like this set. I am always skeptical of paying for deluxe sizes but I did anyways because ever since I got the Ciate Liquid Velvet in 2015's Sephora Give Me More Lip Favorites, I have been tempted to try some more out. The texture of these are really interesting. They feel plushy with a mousse-like texture, almost as if they were whipped. Very soft, very creamy and insanely pigmented. I mean, one swipe and you get pure crisp color. I would consider these satins for sure even though they are marketed as mattes. They never dry down to a complete matte but retain some of that shine. That being said, they do transfer a little whenever eating or drinking. My only complaint is that they do dry out the lips and will cling to any dry cracks on your lips, so soft and smooth lips are a must for these to look their best. Do check them out!

-good variety
-consistent formula
-(cute packaging! had to say it!)
-long wearing, at least 8 hours
-good for gift giving
-two out of the shades are permanent

-drying formula

Any thoughts? Let me know :) Hope you all are doing great!
P.S. Check out Temptalia for the hottest beauty deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday;)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Is it a dupe? Makeup Geek DuoChrome Pigment Wildfire Vs. MAC Pigment Rose

Hey peeps! I'm back again for one more late night post. The way I am working from 6 am to 6pm, I really only have time to take photos on the weekends when the light is still out and write my reviews during the week which explains how I took these... during the day. Anyways, I came across another could be dupe which includes my forever beautiful and stunning MAC's Rose Pigment and of course I ended up picking Makeup Geeks Duochrome Pigment, Wildfire when I ordered from them not too long ago. I swear I am addicted to the same colors over and over again.  But are they the same colors...? Keep scrolling to find out :)
Makeup Geek "Wildfire" left, MAC pigment "Rose" right
Makeup Geek Duochrome pigment "Wildfire" left, MAC Pigment "Rose" right
95% DUPE

If you already have one of these pigments, you may or may not need the other. It really just depends how picky you are with colors and if you are that kind of person that has 5 different blacks and can tell the difference between them all (where are my makeup fanatics that can never have enough makeup?!?) They are essentially the same shade, tone and shimmer except Rose is darker. In swatches on the hand, you could see the difference that WILDFIRE does have more of that gold reflex but on the eyes you would have a lot of difficulty telling them apart. ROSE is a true rose shade while WILDFIRE leans a little more pink due to darkness difference. I do also think that the makeup geek duochrome pigments are more sheer than the MAC pigments. They are both great pigments (brandwise) to have and I do enjoy them both but I do enjoy the quality of the MAC ones more.

-Chunkier but softer texture
-slightly darker
-not cruelty free
-4.5 grams
-more opaque
-less gold reflex compared to Wildfire

-Finer but drier texture
-slightly lighter
-according to makeup geeks website, the following is stated: "Jars are rated for 3 grams of product weight (which is required listing for jar and box), but the jars may actually contain about 6 grams of product."
-more gold reflex compared to Rose

Do you have one or the other, or both? Let me know which one you prefer!

Colourpop CremeGel Colour and Creme Gel Liner swatches +review Boots, Exit, Beesting, Piggy Bank

Hellooo wicked readers, welcome back ladies and gents. I'm back with a review which includes Colourpops new eyeliners in both liner and pot form! I was soooo excited for these and I did end up picking out some of the brightest colors that they came out with for this line.  I picked up 4 out of the 24 shades that is up on their website now.

The creme gel colour comes in a pot form with 1 oz. and retails for $6 each.
The creme gel liner comes in a twist up pencil with 1 oz. and retails for $5 each.
Both are now available online Colourpops website.

Creme Gel Liner (twist up pencil), Creme Gel Colour (pot form)
Boots-bright fuschia pink with a matte finish

Creme Gel Liner (twist up pencil), Creme Gel Colour (pot)
BEE STING: bright, electric sky blue

Creme Gel Liner (twist up pencil), Creme Gel Colour(pot form)
EXIT: true, pure white

Creme Gel Liner (twist up pencil), Creme Gel Colour (pot)
Piggy Bank- a true vibrant, eggplant with strong red undertones and a matte finish

using Creme Gel Colour in Piggy Bank
Overall thoughts, I prefer the gel creme colors over the twist up liners. The creme gel colours pack a powerful punch of color and they are beautiful and while the creme gel liners also do have good pigmentation, they are slightly less opaque. Not by much, but still noticeable enough. The creme gel colours also are a lot easier to work with than the gel liners. I noticed while I was using the pencil Piggy Bank that there was A LOT of breakage. I broke it at least 3 times using on my eyes on my first try. There goes a lot of wasted product! That being said, they kept breaking because they were too dry. I think the formula would be better if they were creamy and were able to set after instead of being dry to begin with. I also noticed tugging of the skin and skipping. On the other hand, all you need for the creme gel colours (pot form) is your preferred eyeliner brush and you are good to go. I like these a lot because you have enough time to smudge out the creme before it sets and once it sets, it will set for GOOD. I wore one today for a good 8 hours and I did not notice ANY smudging whatsoever. So, I would definitely recommend to get the gel creme colours(pots) over the creme gel liners(twist up pencils). On a more personal note, I do wish Colourpop did not name these two different products so similar. It confuses me, I'm not even going to lie! But it doesn't really interfere with the quality of the products, more just with my brain haha. I am really excited for the gel creme colours and will certainly look forward to ordering some more!

Another thing I noticed with the particular shade "Piggy Bank" was some serious staining around the eye where I applied the color, including the waterline. Piggy Bank is a purple and the stain it left was a pink/red. I looked freaking crazy the day after I wore Piggy Bank. So I would be careful with the colors that have a red or blue base to them as those pigments are the colors that tend to stain skin the most. I did not have any allergic reaction but the stain was pretty noticeable. I did not see any staining with Exit or Beesting. I did however see a slightly less noticeable stain to Boots.

ONE last thing was that there was an inconsistent amount in the jars. I would really like to hear your comments if you had one that had too little or too much because EXIT was half of what the others had. I am left to assume I just... had a dud?

I would also like to thank Colourpop for having excellent customer service. I've ordered from them quite a few times before and this was the first time I received an order wrong and they responded and resolved my issue promptly. Mistakes happen and thank you for making this hassle-free.

PROS for the Colourpop Creme Gel Colour
-cruelty free
-diverse colors
-diverse finishes
-long lasting
-no smudging
-easy smudging/blending out before it sets
-highly pigmented

CONS for the Colourpop Creme Gel Colour
-very noticeable staining of eye area for certain shades
-inconsistent product amount

PROS for the Colourpop Creme Gel Liner:
-cruelty free
-diverse colors
-diverse finishes

CONS for the Colourpop Creme Gel Liner:
-dry texture
-lots of breakage
-slightly less pigmented than the creme gel colours

I definitely recommend the Creme Gel Colours over the Creme Gel Liners!

Hope you ladies and gents have a wonderful rest of the week! :) Any questions, comments or concerns? Please let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Trinity Volume 2

"The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world". -Marianne Williamson

On my way back home
At Disneyland with friends celebrating their 60th anniversary

Backyard puddles

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ten Ways to keep Sane during the Holidays

Photo taken last year at the Los Angeles food market near Beverly Hills and yes, the tree was huge
Hello wicked readers! It's that time again. The holidays are finally and officially upon us and if you are anything like me, you probably feel excited... as well as overwhelmed at the thought of the holidays here.
I think it's really important to be completely honest with you all, not just in my reviews on beauty products but in real life as well. The holidays can be just a mess for some people and I know I struggle with them as well. I do wish everyone stays safe and happy during they most hectic time of year. So I want to talk to you guys that do have some trouble with staying afloat during the holidays and offer you a (hopefully) helpful checklist to keep in mind while you are out during the festivities :)

Here are ten ways to keep sane. Yup. Sane.

This is often very frequently overlooked during the holidays until January 1. Exercise is not just about losing weight or looking sexy. It's about helping you feel better. It does not have to be an hour of cardio. When I say exercise, it can be anything from just walking, stretching. I personally love yoga. Mind you I suck, but what matters is the effort you put into it and I promise you will see progress!

2.Volunteer Work
This is so important on so many levels. It can be anything from food banks, shelters, animal shelters, churches, hospitals, senior citizens care centers, donating blood. The list can go on, and on about how much there is to do.

So easy to talk about. So hard to do. But it's true. Have a budget and stick with it! Money is money and only you know how hard you worked for it and what other responsibilities you need to take care of first! Your budget can be $10 for your entire family by making christmas cookies or a pie. You don't need to be buying ipads to make it a "good" christmas gift.

4.Take a Time Out
Take one day or a couple hours of the day JUST FOR YOU and do whatever it is you want to do. If photography relaxes you, go take some pictures. If playing music makes you happy, go make some beautiful music. If playing with makeup is your happy time...then go for it. Make time from work, chores, appointments, family meetings, to just relax.

5.Know Your Limits with people
This includes your family and close ones. Don't let people pressure you into doing things that you can't handle or you feel that it's too much. Don't volunteer to cook the turkey when you know you don't have time to do so. It's okay to say no.

6.Eat right and don't eat out
Goes right in with budget. Eating out is not only expensive but can also contribute to feeling tired as it is most likely junkfood. Look up some recipes online and grab some healthy snacks and water on the go.

7. Don't isolate
For many people, the holidays are the most depressing time of the year for different reasons. Whatever the reason is, it's easy to get caught up in negative thoughts. Many times, people would rather isolate themselves from loved ones. Remember, there is a difference between just wanting some alone time and wanting to distance yourself from the "happiness" of the holidays so to speak. If parties aren't your thing, that's okay. Grab a friend and go do something simple like have a coffee date.

8. Write handwritten cards
Most people appreciate receiving cards. It means you thought of them.

9. Get plenty of rest
Sleep is so important. It's easy to get caught up staying up late during the holidays whether it's because you are traveling or because you have company over. Don't neglect on your beauty sleep because it will catch up to you! No one likes being near a grumpy person that didn't get enough Zzzzs...

10. You are not alone
Remember...the holidays are hard for A LOT of people. Some people have lost people during the holidays. Some have had something traumatic happen. Others may not have money. Some are alone, really alone. But most people envision their holidays to be something magical and beautiful and the truth of it is, sometimes you don't feel that it is all that magical for you. You begin to wonder why it isn't working out for you and why everyone else is happy but not you. IT'S OKAY! YOU ARE NORMAL! It's an incredibly emotional time and it's going to be okay.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and please let me know what you do to keep sane during the holidays. Stay safe everyone!