Friday, October 9, 2015

The Five Essential Tips and Tricks to Wearing Blue Eyeshadow

"I can't wear blue eyeshadow"

"It doesn't look good on me"

" I cant pull it off fml"

Blue eyeshadow is just one of those shades that can look so incredibly stunning or it can look just plain tacky. However, it can look good on anyone. Don't believe me? Here are five of my favorite methods of using blue on the eyes.

1. Combine with neutrals
This includes a GOOD neutral blending and crease color. Color is good but sometimes too much color is just too much for some people. Neutrals such as browns, taupes, and grays help tone down the eye look and keeping some naturalness to the eye and overall appearance. Use a natural nude lip along with a natural shade of blush accordingly to your level of comfort for color.

2. Use Blues on your water line/lashline.
This one is really fun and the perfect time to go crazy with as bright as a blue that you want. I guarantee this will look good on everyone.
For some added fun. You can do some gradient blues, starting with a navy or royal blue on the outer lower lash line, add some midtone blue to the middle of the lower lashline, then some light blue to the inner lower lashline and end with your highlight color of your choice in your tearduct!

3. Combine with your corresponding skins undertone
Lets face it. Makeup is all about putting whatever hell you want to on your face. The sky is the limit and there is no right or wrong way to do makeup but at the same time we want something that enhances our eyes and compliments our facial features and structure. This is when undertone comes into play. I am NC15-NC20 and I look best in warm colors which includes gold. So what I would do is use a blue and use gold or any other warm colors. Someone with a cool undertone could try using a silver or any other cool toned shadows paired with their blue. If you are neutral you could try either gold or silver or even a champagne.

4. Use blues that lean to a neutral or a different color. 
Navy instead of black, blue-gray instead of just gray. It doesn't have to be an obnoxious shade of blue. Just take mauve for an example. Keeping it as basic as possible, mauve is a purple shade BUT it can lean gray, brown, nude or pink. You still get that effect on the eye that you are wearing a purple color but the tone it is and the color it leans towards, makes it so much more easier to wear with more things.

5. Use small amounts at a time.
It doesn't always have to be the obvious, "I'm brave today world, look at blue eyeshadow, can you see my blue eyeshadow?" Less can do the trick just as good. Have fun incorporating it into your liner or even eyelashes.Use small amounts at a time and that will also help you to gradually get more comfortable using some mermaid teals and royal blues!

And here is an extra tip... wink wink...just have fun with it ;)

I would love to see any of your blue eyeshadow looks! Feel free to post a link down in the comments below for me to see and let me know if you follow any of these tricks or found this post helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

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