Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

Christmas keeps coming earlier and earlier for the makeup world. Kat Von D has just released her holiday collections and the Mi Vida Loca Remix palette is finally here. After months of teasing her followers with sneak peeks, it is finally available exclusively to Sephora. And it is beautiful. From the "if-looks-could-kill" girl in the front to the array of colors inside. But how did it perform...?
This eyeshadow palette retails for $59 and comes with 24 shades. Each shadow has 0.04oz of product which is the regular size that any standard KVD shadow comes with.
Rewind: warm, burnt, deep burgundy red with satin finish. Full pigmentation.
Destroyer: warm, matte, bright coral orange with some pink undertones. Medium pigmentation.
Swoon: Bright, matte, cool toned, medium magenta. full pigmentation. Need blush?
Love: frosty, light pink. medium to full pigmentation.
Anthem: chalkier than usual. A lot of fall out. dark purple with red undertones and a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Muse: Light, cool toned, lilac with a matte finish. Medium pigmentation.
Echo: cool toned, matte indigo with lots of pink glitter that does not transfer when applied with brush. Medium to full pigmentation.
Dark Wave: darkened, cobalt-blue with a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Synth: Bright, electric blue with a matte finish. Full pigmentation. I love this one.
HyperBallad: dark, pine-green with blue tones and a matte finish. Sheer to medium pigmentation.
Lemmy: deep, grass green with a black base and a shimmer finish. Full pigmentation.
Misfit: medium, lime green with a matte finish. medium to full pigmentation.
Vinyl: Bright, acid apple green with a satin finish. Least impressive of the palette. Sheer pigmentation.
Legend: irredescent, light yellow-gold with a shimmery finish. Sheer to medium pigmentation. This one will look so beautiful on the center of the lid and it will look great paired with any of the colors of this palette.
Fran: matte, canary yellow. Medium pigmentation
Analogue: matte, tangerine orange. Full pigmentation
Harpsichord: warm, copper with shimmery finish. Full pigmentation.

 Moulder: neutral, vanilla cream with a slight yellow undertone and a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Vox: neutral, dark chocolate brown with a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Strutter: Cool toned medium latte tan with a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Lyric: cool toned, vanilla with a slight shimmer. Full pigmentation.
Black Metal: Off black with a matte finish. Full pigmentation.
Skulls: Shimmery oyster white. Full pigmentation.
Noble: warm, caramel light tan with a matte finish. Full pigmentation.

Final Verdict:
LOVE the concept of the palette. Having essential neutrals with a colorful shades is exactly how you make colorful eye looks work! Whenever you create a colorful eye look, it's not just slapping together a bunch of different colors together and hope for the best. It's using some neutrals in the crease and blending as well. What I love about Kat Von D is that she is really hands on with her products that she has created and it really shows that an artist that understands how colors compliment and blend with one another put these colors together. It isn't just a palette with random colors thrown together. There was some definite thought that went into it. Most of the shadows were consistent but there were a few duds like Vinyl and Hyperballad and yet... those would still work with a good base. But those were certainly not impressive on their own. Kat Von D shades tend to be very powdery but still very pigmented. That being said, you really only need to tap your brush gently into the soft matte shadows for them to work their best and to avoid fallout and a mess. As for the shimmery shades, they are less powdery and have a very creamy texture. 

-Mostly consistent in quality throughout the palette
-Consistent with regular KVD line shadows
-Good price value. Each shadow comes in at roughly $2.46
-Great variety
-Sturdy packaging
-All the neutrals worked beautifully
-Great blendability

-Beautiful packaging, hand drawn

-a few duds
-palette can tend to slide out of packaging by itself so be careful!
-powdery shades can cause fallout

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